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Does the Wonder Core Smart Fitness Equipment really Work?


Wonder Core Smart Fitness Equipment Review


wonder core smart

Today I will write some reviews about Wonder Core Smart Fitness Equipment. This is a popular product on and you can find it here Let’s start


What’s the Wonder Core?

The surprise core good as seen on TV may be a fitness breakthrough which will place you on your thanks to a stronger core and cut ABS. whether or not you’re trying to strengthen for a sport or tone for swimsuit season, this item is certain to impress. The surprise core goop exercise system is meant to supply an optical maser specialize in your higher, middle and lower ABS and oblique muscles for a comprehensive travail you may feel everywhere. it’s a fitness accent that no jock ought to be while not.

How does the Wonder Core work?

Wonder Core sensible is actually a cushioned seat with two moving arm/legs, additionally coated in the artifact. They state there’s a hidden spring on both sides that you just will alter with a knob to vary resistance levels from 24-48 lbs.


Depending on however you sit, stand, or lie upon surprise Core sensible, the manufacturers claim you’ll be able to do:

wonder core smart

– Sit-Ups/Crunches

– Push Ups

– Bridge

– Scissor Kicks

– Forearm/Biceps

– Triceps

– Ab Tucks

– Bicycling

wonder core smart


They add this additionally works your cardio. An optical disc with two 35-minute workouts and exercise guide area unit enclosed together with your surprise Core sensible which give any directions.

Product Detail

Product Dimensions: 20.5 x 21.6 x 15 inches

Shipping Weight: 15.3 pounds


Color: Black/Green


What’s Wonder Core suitable for?

Everyone can use Wonder Core because it has a free exercise DVD and Fitness Guide  include in the product box


Where’s to buy?